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Two Golden Retriever Puppies

Puppy Essentials

Looking to make your new puppy's transition into your family as smooth as possible? Check out our list of essential puppy supplies to consider when bringing your new furry friend home. With the right products, your pup will be well-equipped and comfortable in no time.

Home Essentials

Dog create

Crate training is a choice you will want to make early on after bringing your puppy home. The advantage of crating your puppy while away from home is that you will have peace of mind that they are contained in a safe and secure area, unable to get into trouble around the house.

bissell cleaner

Having dogs is like having small children. They are going to spill, throw up, and unfortunately, they will have accidents on the carpet, the couch, and your bed. Lugging a giant steam cleaner around is crazy business, especially when the pup is little and more prone to accidents indoors. This little Bissell cleaner is excellent for a quick cleanup. It's great for the car too! As an added bonus, Bissle donates portions of their sales to Bissell's Pet Foundation.

Waterproof dog pee mat

We've used these pads for a variety of different things. The primary use has been when the pups are small and kept in a smaller area while they nurse and play with their siblings. The pads, 6ft by 6ft, are incredibly absorbent, easy to wash, and make great liners for crates, on the couch, or in the car.

Orange cleaner

After cleaning up with the Bissell spot cleaner, you will want to take the extra step to remove the odor left behind from pet urine. Agent Orange eradicates the odor and helps reduce staining left behind. Just mix this with water, and away you go!

dog bed

Our Goldens love their beds. Often times we will find 2-3 of them all cuddled onto a single bed! With shedding and inevitable dirt, they will track in from outside, a bed with a washable cover is essential. What's even better is a bed with a waterproof liner.

3 piece poop scoop

This one is a must! Cleaning up around the yard is much easier when you're not bending down to pick up after your pup. This extended scoop and rake combo makes for quick and easy cleanup. The rake can also be switched out for a scraper if used on surfaces such as cement. ​ The scoop also features a non-stick coating to allow for easy cleaning.


Dog toy basket

Keep your pup's favourite toys, bones, and blankets neat and tidy with a nice linen storage bin. We often board one of the pups from our first litter, Murphy. His owner uses one of these to transport all his items to our place for his stay.

Chuck it dog toy

Golden Retrievers love to fetch a ball. Most of the Goldens that have been a part of our family over the years would play fetch literally until they couldn't stand anymore. The Chuck It is a great way to launch the ball repeatedly without your arm feeling like it will fall off! When the Chuck It ball finally falls apart, and it will, the Penn Tennis Balls work even better!

Pineapple dog toy

Goldens are not naturally destructive chewers. However, they will make quick work of any toy they have decided must be reduced to scrap. We've had our Pineapple for nearly 5 years, and it has yet to crack or break apart. If you buy any toy for your Golden, this is the one!

Carrot Snuffle treat toy

Entertaining a Golden is easy, with suitable toys. And if you supply them with something like this carrot snuffle, they will be entertained for hours! The toy has multiple places to hide treats for your pup to discover while offering them fun, squeaky carrots to play with!

Tennis balls

Your Golden will love to chase a bouncing tennis ball. Your Golden will also destroy most "dog toy" tennis balls in short order. Don't waste your money on balls from the pet store! We have been buying these Penn tennis balls by the case for years. Our Goldens also find the ""psst"" sound of the can incredibly satisfying. As soon as they hear, they know a new set of balls are coming out!

Kong racoon toys

Not every Golden will love a stuffed animal, but when they do, they will try to destroy it as quickly as possible. The Kong Scrunch knots toy will take whatever your pup can throw at it. The material scrunches around the internal coiled rope, while stretchy sides create natural movement to entice play. The internal knots satisfy instincts; these toys contain no stuffing for less mess.

Food & Treats

Beef liver bites dog treats

Single-ingredient dog treats made from beef liver. Most treats are packed full of ingredients you've never heard of. Not these, just beef!

Ceramic dog treat bin

This ceramic dog treat jar is a great option to get the treats out of the unappealing store packaging and will blend right in with other food storage containers in your kitchen.

Raised food and water dish for dogs

This feeding station is an excellent option if you're looking to keep feeding time neat and tidy. The food dish is a grooved slow-feeder design to stop your dog from eating too quickly and will stop them from choking. The water dish is also a slow drink design, which keeps only a small quantity of water in the dish, filling back up after each drink. This is great because Goldens love to splash as much water on the ground as they get in their mouths. The bowls' stand is adjustable to grow and match the dog's height to be more ergonomic. The legs also fold down for storage when not in use.

Natural dog chicken treats

Single-ingredient dog treats made from fresh chicken breast. Like the beef liver, these are just natural chicken. No additives!

Large food storage bin

A food bin can make feeding time and storage a lot easier. They have screw-on lids that will keep your hungry pup from having a few extra meals without you knowing! These large plastic storage vaults hold up to 40 lbs of food, which is perfect. They also stack or stow away nicely to keep them out of the way.

Elevated Dog Dish

Food dishes don't always need to be cold steel bowls that always look out of place, no matter how hard you try. This raised bowl is great to keep the bowls off the floor and look like it belongs in your home, too!

No Poo Chews Dog Treats

You won't want to believe this one, but your pup may enjoy the odd stinky treat. While this behaviour, called "Coprophagia," won't hurt your dog, it's not something you want them doing. These chew treats are rich in enzymes that break down the proteins, reducing stool odor and making poop less attractive to eat.

dog treat pouch

When your pup is small, consistent rewards for good behaviour will make your training activities a lot easier to manage. Keeping treats on hand to reward good behaviour is made easier with this treat pouch that clips onto your waist. You can also wear it to the dog park, but be prepared to be "rewarding" every pup that sees you!

Silicone dog lick mat

Goldens can get bored; if they are too bored, they may decide chewing your shoes is the only cure. Introducing a lick mat will give them a tasty treat to entertain them. Licking also helps a dog reduce their anxiety, and a frozen peanut butter-covered lick mat is an easy way to calm an anxious pup. ​They are also a great distraction when clipping nails or getting their vaccines at the vet.



Furminator undercoat dog brush

Simply put, your Golden is going to shed. However, regular brushing will help you stay ahead of the fur while keeping their coat healthy and smooth. The Furminator is a must-have! This brush pulls the undercoat fur, which is the source of their shedding. It is easy to use and has a built-in eject button for easy cleanup.

Alcohol pet wipes

The Petkin Pet Wipes for Dogs is an excellent clean-up supply to keep on hand for your new puppy. They quickly remove dirt and help to reduce odor from their fur and paws. They are alcohol-free, too, so they are safe to use without harming your pup's skin.

Puppy shampoo from Burt's Bees

Many people make mistakes when bathing their dogs, and the most common is using the wrong shampoo, which can be too harsh for their sensitive skin, especially when they are puppies. Burt's Bees makes a great tearless shampoo that will not harm your pup's skin or irritate their eyes while you chase them around the tub.

Dog nail clippers

Clipping your pup's nails can be daunting if this is your first dog. If you're not careful, clipping too deep can be very painful! These clippers have a built-in nail guard that ensures you never clip too deep, and the ergonomic handle makes cutting any size dog's nails quick and easy.

Dog shampoo from Burt's Bees

Many people make mistakes when bathing their dogs, and the most common is using the wrong shampoo, which can be too harsh for their sensitive skin, even as an adult. Burt's Bees makes a great tearless shampoo that will not harm your dog's skin or irritate their eyes while you chase them around the tub.

Guillotine Nail Clipper

Clipping your pup's nails can be daunting if this is your first dog. If you're not careful, clipping too deep can be very painful! These guillotine-style clippers have an ergonomic handle, which makes cutting any size dog's nails quick and easy.

On The Go

On The Go
Dog poop bags

Not a lot to say here. Dogs poop, you'll need to pick it up. These poop bags are lavender scented as well to give your dog's poop a floral smell, and who doesn't love the smell of lavender poop?

Assorted color dog leashes

Having the right leash makes your walk far more enjoyable. This leash not only features a padded handle but also contains a secondary padded handle, the "traffic" or "training" handle, for extra control.

Custom dog tag

Have a look at these stainless steel dog tags if you want to add a little extra to your pup's collar. These ones are offered in a variety of different designs on a round steel disc.

Collapsible water dishes for dogs

We've used collapsible bowls for years. We keep them in the car; they are handy when we're out at the dog park or somewhere like the beach.

Leather dog collar

The colourful leather collars look great on any dog, but they also have a customizable built-in name tag.

Custom dog tag

If a round stainless steel tag isn't your cup of tea, these tags should do the trick. They come in various shapes: bones (shown above), stars, moons, circles, hearts & paw prints.

Halti dog collar

The Halti Headcollar is the perfect tool for dog owners looking to train their pup to stop pulling on the leash. Made from lightweight and strong nylon webbing, it gently steers the head to redirect and control the dog while still allowing the dog to pant and yawn. We've used nearly every type of harness and lead available and have had the most success with this style.

Heavy Duty Nylon Dog Collar

A heavier-duty option compared to our leather pick, this collar is a durable stitched nylon that also has metal buckles, which should last much longer than traditional plastic. Heavier duty than the leather collar, heavy-duty, stitched nylon, and metal buckle.

Custom dog tag

These dog tags are really cool. Instead of the typical keyring-style tag that hands off the collar, these tags slide onto the actual collar itself. The designs are laser engraved. If you have more than one pup, these tags are a must. Hanging tags off a collar is an open invitation for your other dog to start chewing them during playtime.


Honour your pup with a one-of-a-kind portrait!

We are offering customized portraits to honor your furry friend. Available as a digital print or physical print up to 24"x36"

Print A: Shown in black & white
Print B: Shown in colour
Print C: Shown in vintage
Print D: Shown in CUT-OUT


Digital Print: $30

Physical Print + Digital Print: Pricing dependent on print size

Please email to get started!

  • Pet's name

  • Print type (A - D)

  • Description of pet (A & B only)

  • Birth year (D only)

  • Digital or Physical (include print size)

    • We will provide a price quote based on size before printing​

  • Photo style​

    • Black & White​

    • Colour

    • Vintage

  • Attach a photo of pet

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