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  • When do we take our puppy home?
    Puppies are able to go home after 8 weeks. Once the pups reach this age, they make their first trip to the vet for a thorough physical exam, their first set of vaccines, their third round of deworming, and microchipping.
  • Does the puppy have any health checks?
    At 8 weeks your puppy will visit the vet for a health check, along with their first round of vaccines, dewormed and microchip implant.
  • When do I have to take my puppy to the vet?
    Your puppy will need to return to the vet at 12 and 16 weeks for vaccine boosters and their final round of dewormer.
  • What do puppies eat?
    By 8 weeks your puppy will have fully transitioned to solid kibble.
  • What kind of food do I feed the puppy?
    The specific food you feed your puppy is ultimately up to you. We will send you home with a small bag, usually enough for 7 days, to start you out. If you chose a different brand of food you can use the provided food to transition.
  • How do I transition my puppy to a different food brand?
    You never want to change your puppies food quickly. Changing their food quickly will lead to upset stomachs and plenty of messes for you to clean up. The most effective way to switch their food is by slowly mixing the two starting with only a small amount of the new food. Over the course of several days increase the amount of new, while decreasing the old until you are only feeding the new brand of food.
  • Do Golden Retrievers shed a lot?
    Golden Retrievers do shed. However, with the right grooming accessories you can keep it under control. The first and most useful brush accessory is the Furminator. This unique brush removes undercoat using very fine teeth. Clean up is incredible easy!
  • How much exercise and outside time to Golden Retrievers need?
    Generally speaking, Goldens require a fair amount of exercise. They love to run, walk, hike, and swim. However, with that said, we firmly believe that a Golden, as a member of your family, is what you want it to be. If your day consists of a long hike or run, your Golden will be with you every step of the way. If the next day is spent being a couch potato, your Golden will be right there with you, usually taking up more space than you like. A Golden wants to please, so be it a run or a lazy couch day; your Golden is happy with either option. It's essential to keep a good balance of up and down time.
  • Do you offer boarding for any of the puppies from your litters?
    Yes! We love to have dogs from our previous litters come and stay with us! Even though they have gone to their forever homes, we still consider each and every pup a part of our family. Having them back to play and spend time with us is something we look forward to.
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