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Our Journey from City to Country Life

Welcome to Golden Root Acres! We are Kara and Barry and we are excited to share with you how we flourish and grow in our new and fabulous farm and country life. We are on a journey with our 5 children to learn, discover, plant, grow, build and design a new life.

We lived the city life for our entire lives. Started our family in the city. Had a total of 5 children in the city. Raised golden retrievers in the city. We loved our city home, but something always seemed wrong, out of sorts, or something was missing. We needed space. We needed air. We needed mud and trees and open fields and wind blowing the willow trees and the smell of apple tree blossoms in the spring.


We needed a country property. A country home. A place where the children could go and get dirty and climb trees and plant vegetables and pick flowers. A place where we could all lay in the open field and watch the clouds pass over or sit around an open fire and roast marshmallows.

We finally decided to risk everything, sold our beautiful city home, and headed to the country. We bought a gorgeous 3.5-acre country estate with a home that was originally built in 1870. For the most part, the new (or extremely old) country home had all the major renovations completed. For some, it would have been "move-in" ready. But it actually only had 2 real bedrooms. So a family of 7 had gone from a 5 bedroom, 4500 sq. foot home down to 2 bedrooms, 2800 sq. foot home, with no usable basement. So we had to be creative in our living arrangement. Luckily we are all very close and love being around one another. The children especially love to snuggle and play with each other. We can't wait to show you how we fit everything in our home, created bedrooms from thin air and creatively used every inch of this space, finding and using all the nooks and crannies to maximize the usable space.


Not only do we have 5 children, but we also have (currently) 3 golden retrievers. We have raised golden retrievers for over 16 years. They are the best family dog. Beautiful coats that range in colour from white-cream to dark red. Beautiful personalities that are loyal and fun-loving, energetic and playful, and snuggly and comforting.

We love raising golden retrievers and helping families find their perfect puppy to be part of their lives. We take great pride in our goldens and love every one of them. We raise them in our home, with our children, and make every effort to breed gorgeous and wonderful CKC registered golden retriever puppies.


We have so many more ideas and fun planned at Golden Root Acres. Adding more furry and feathery members to our family. Doing creative and innovative projects inside and out. Raising our children (and goldens) with dirt and grass and fresh air. Follow us on this journey as we grow into our new country life here at Golden Root Acres.

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